“Yes, I did.” She chuckled. “I know what’s best for you. I know what you like. An intelligent, physically endowed, financially independent, ambitious, and beautiful woman. Just like your dad. But Funke is weak, physically weak. Almost physically challenged if you ask me…”


That was the complete package of a casually dressed Yoruba man. His smile flashed from when he sighted her and held steady as she found her way past security protocols to the waiting area. It delighted him to see her blush as observers trained their eyes on her and directed their gaze to him.


“I just hope clinic won’t be a mess for these two weeks that we’re away. You know that…” Mayokun expressed her concerns before Bunmi interrupted. “Na wa for you o! Prof. Jones” Bunmi interjected sarcastically. “Nobody will die in your absence. Na so you dey carry work for head?” Adjusting her posture in her seat…

DR. MAYOKUN JONES : Of Love and Light (5)

Mayokun spent the weeks leading to fellowship exams between the hospital and Kayode’s home. How best to stock up stamina for the task ahead if not by brain and soulish food? It was important to unwind after the hectic demands of work in the arms of love. Kayode knows how to work her back with…

DR. MAYOKUN JONES : The Hint of Dawn (4)

Days rolled into weeks, and months rolled into another year as Mayokun’s life settled into romantic bliss and the fulfilment of purpose. It was as though the universe connived with time to make things align for her. “Good things happen to people who wait”, so the popular saying goes. Truly, patience is a virtue. She…

Dr. Mayokun Jones: Hope in Hell (3)

“Who runs the world? Girls! Girls!” Beyoncé’s voice came through her phone while it powerfully vibrated on her bedside desk. Mayokun felt the desk for the phone and snoozed the alarm. Her eyes stung badly as she struggled to adjust to daylight pouring in through the windows. She wished she could install some darkness and…

DR. MAYOKUN JONES : Descent Into Abyss (2).

9am Mayokun was restored to sadness as the audience dispersed.“Kayode!” she let out a whisper as she went through her phone and saw that he has not made any effort to call or apologise. She needed the quietness of her home and began to head towards the hospital gate, fighting the sadness overwhelming her soul….

DR. MAYOKUN JONES: Approaching The Darkness (1).

“Patient is in good shape. Keep up with rehydration plan, we observe for one more night and she will be due for discharge tomorrow hopefully “. Dr. Jones discussed with the chief nursing officer on duty as she wrapped up her call. She enjoys taking calls in her specialty, unlike when she was on rotation….


Part 1: THE TRAVAILS OF LOLA (photo credit: Olayinka Babalola via “Excellent results. Quiet and reserved.”The remarks on Lola’s report sheets were consistent every term. Excelling in her school work was not negotiable, it was the demand from her parents. “I am not raising a Mongol”, her mother would exclaim, pacing the floor of…


(Image from “What five words best describe your personality.”“Loyal, honest, disciplined, friendly, lo….. Excuse me, courteous”.Folake got a grip as she realized she was about to describe herself in four words instead of five. She has loyalty firmly planted in her soul that she struggled to find four different adjectives to describe herself. Everything…