What’s Up Whatsapp?

Circa 2017-2018, I toyed with the idea of deleting Whatsapp and thought I could reduce exposure by having two phones to protect my private line during the evenings and weekends. Epic fail. I switched jobs and realized that my new company chiefly “operated” on Whatsapp. I was not a celebrity…

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The baby’s cry had reduced to barely audible whimpers. She should not have been born. Does Ali know that she wants the baby dead? That she is sorry for bringing the baby into this messy world?

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It was forbidden to be seen with boys or be associated in gatherings with men, so she dared not step in. Lagos looked beautiful from her glance, at least busy. She often wondered what life was, behind the hills of Pulka.

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The Abyss (3)

In 2008, she was sent to school empty with no food, not even toothpaste. Just two thousand naira. Her parents had told her that there was no money. She had a thousand and four hundred naira left when she got to campus. She decided to buy a bar soap, toothpaste,…

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The Abyss (2)

An outcast. Ugly memories overwhelmed her. She wanted to draw the curtains, but she knew better than to waste her time on such wish again. God did not honour them in times past, she is sure He will not honour them now. Like Jesus, she surrendered her spirit; not unto…

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The Abyss (1)

Forcing herself to sleep through the night but barely getting any sleep from the 9 hours she invested into getting quality sleep, Tola woke up, fatigued, and familiar with the feeling. The cloud of heaviness was palpable. She was digging into the earth, begging to be buried. She had hidden…

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I wanted to enter the screen and fight when they took Massar away. I was so upset. Adú had gone through a lot, especially with Massar. They deserved to be together.

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Previous episode Bisi Alao was resplendent and glowing in her glory as the mother of the groom. She had called the CEO of Elizabeth R events,  Ibidunni Ighodalo to organize a meeting between her and the Master of Ceremony. She respectfully gave clear instructions to the woman, asking her to…

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The call ended with the phone plastered to Femi’s cheek as he was yet to recover from the surrealness of what just happened. Did his mother just approve of Funke? Just like that? What happened? How manage? Is she fine? Is she on her death bed? Is it a dream? The whirling sound of the machine jostled him out of his thoughts and he panicked. He needed to call his father and be sure his mother was not dying anytime soon.

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“Look who we have here, bestowing her elegant gracefulness on us mortals!” Otunba announced with open arms as he descended the stairs, picking his words and raising his voice to a crescendo. It is no surprise that he raised chivalrous sons who are theatrical in speech. His two apples fell directly under the tree.

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