Away from political correctness, there is a march in many cities of the world against racism in the United States. There are ongoing protests in American cities, triggered by the death of George Floyd, enabled by the systemic oppression of black people in a system that enshrines white supremacy. It was a lot to take in. There was corona virus, injustice in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the clip of Amy Cooper, the performance of Archy Williams, the cold murder of George Floyd on camera was the atonement that triggered the tsunami. The outrage has to go on till justice is served and seen to be served. Justice for the disproportionate innocent black men rotting away in jail. Justice for the ones who were slain but not captured on camera. Justice for the ones who are dealt a heavy hand because of the colour of their skin. So, all over the world, from the pulpit to the pew, to clubs, and parliaments, voices are unanimously saying #BLACKLIVESMATTER. It is a march against racism, which is automatically translated as white supremacy in many minds. The anger is against a system that bestows the privilege to be human on white people and also the privilege to oppress black people while at it. The system also resists black people for standing up to live as humans. There is a limit of tolerance you should preach to an oppressed people while you are enabling the oppressor. So, we see a Kanye West, keeping his distance and voice away from social media lest he got lynched for his past utterance had to hit the streets in protest, even with the threat of a virus.

However, lest we are overtaken by anger, a black man knows that white supremacy is a subject under racism, and racism is a division under prejudice. While white supremacists are taking the heat at the moment, we know that other races think poorly of the black race and treat them accordingly. You see, my issue with prejudice is first about the content of your heart before the works of your hands. The content of your heart is why you would for any reason think of yourself as superior to another human on the surface level. Though you cannot take a life, you go to the polls and vote for someone who will embolden another who share the same content of your heart but without the restrictions, and the person goes ahead to kill an innocent being just because they exist in another colour. A colour bestowed upon them to survive the harmful rays of the sun.

We cannot tell black people the stipulated decibels beyond which their protest chants cannot be amplified. No, we had all of that regulations and gags through slavery and segregation. Black people cannot afford to be posh and super cool to have their veins showing as they scream that the world be better for black posterity. We cannot. We must think of the blood and sacrifices of our ancestors. How they withstood grave animosity and stark injustice to ensure that our race got preserved. We must remember that children were plucked from their parents and put on slave ships. A people were stripped of their culture, language, in essence, their identity. The ones who did not make it to the slave ships were forcefully suppressed and oppressed in Africa and pledged their allegiance to Europe. We must remember that over the centuries of oppression, beyond 1619, generations of black people have fought to improve the quality of black lives. Because of them, we have education, we can vote, we can travel, we get scholarships, many of us have no limitations, in our eyes, impossible is nothing. Our ancestors were thrown in prison for the emergence of black nations, wrestling them from the hands of people who looked upon us with animalistic contempt. We cannot educate our way out of racism. Racism was institutionalized by educated people and preached to savages as a religion. Highly educated people benefit the most from oppression and prejudice. Educated politicians, graduates of prestigious institutions championing the cause of prejudice have delineated the fact that we need more than education to turn the system around. This is not the time to act cool. Do not be swayed, neither be moved when they bring up pictures of Martin Luther King Jnr, protesting in a march, and telling you that is the right way to stage a protest.

Remember that MLK was jailed for his peaceful protests, demanding the equality of human lives, left to rot in jail by the Christian community to which he belonged, and eventually assassinated. Nelson Mandela was jailed for demanding the equality of rights and dignity for black lives. None of these men fought for the superiority of black lives- just EQUALITY. It was never about your riotous protests, but about silencing you. Do not feel guilty about the looters. You are not the looters. Away from the agenda and sabotage of politicians, let us build a legacy on the life of George Flyod and keep the conversation going. We must resist the attempt by mischief makers and politicians to polarize us along racial divides. Be reminded that there are decent people across all races, who marched with MLK, and are marching with us. Know that our world was never completely divided and will never be. Do not play the game of hate. Let us not be moved by policemen bending the knee for the camera, if the heart of the government does not bend. Until policies are put in place, and oppressive systems of injustice confess, repent, and embark on reconciliation, then we are not yet there.

Racism is not a difference of opinion – Dr. Bernice King

There should be acknowledgement and reconciliation across board. So, we pound on our congressmen, governors, presidents, African leaders, industry leaders, community leaders, religious leaders, and weave the sacrosanctness of the black blood and the indomitable spirit of the Negro into the fabric of nations. If history should have taught humanity anything, it should be that the black life cannot be surmounted. I read some history of a certain Caucasian country earlier today about how they introduced diseases to wipe out black communities. Perhaps some sorts of ebola or a mysterious virus that magically appears and intelligently takes out majorly black people. Not much has changed in the past decade as well.

Did we survive all these?

Oh yeah!

Now we must thrive.

Episode 3


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