Dr. Mayokun Jones: Hope in Hell (3)

“Who runs the world? Girls! Girls!”

Beyoncé’s voice came through her phone while it powerfully vibrated on her bedside desk. Mayokun felt the desk for the phone and snoozed the alarm. Her eyes stung badly as she struggled to adjust to daylight pouring in through the windows. She wished she could install some darkness and take the light out. She rubbed her temples to calm the throbbing headache. She does not have a fever or any other symptoms, except that her body felt heavily glued to the bed, and her head ached. As she tried to clerk herself in bed, she remembered that the heavy sobs must have induced everything. She was disgruntled with the competence of smartphones and how they were not smart enough to respect her wish to not be disturbed when she switches off her phone. She expected her will to be supreme and respected over some artificial intelligence, machine learning or whatever tech boys think they are bringing to the world.

Mayokun drifted back to sleep amidst several disjointed thoughts barraging her mind. The gentle evening breeze did a better job at sending her to sleep than an anaesthetist’s injection. Evening hours are often refreshing hours in Maxwell Estate. The boastful tropical sun journeys home to rest – decreasing its strength of aggression, children are back from school and free to cycle and skate with friends, pressure cookers buzzing from various kitchens as dinner is made, one could hear neighbours exchanging pleasantries as workers returned home from the day’s business. The estate basically gets restored to life and vigor. The perfect time for grandparents to take long walks and adults who prefer evening runs clock in their daily exercise.

“Who runs the world? Girls! Girls!“

Beyoncé’s voice came through powerfully again.
Mayokun rolled out of bed, stretched and inhaled a gulp of air. “You won!” She grabbed the phone and powered it on to stop the snoozed alarm. The time was 6:42pm. She observed that dark clouds were gathering from the north and she needed to get to Kayode. She paced the room trying to devise a plan. It is important for her to not give him an opportunity to call off the relationship, so her emotions has to be in check. She must be calm, go in there, and apologize. How best to start afresh than to buy him a gift. She just has to try her best and fight for her marriage, scratch that, relationship. Nobody has to know the details of how they make it work, provided they make it work. It’s her life, her business, her method, her relationship, her man. It was up to her to swallow her pride and make her relationship work, or wait till she clocks 40 before she meets another man. Her eggs would have been fried up by then and she would need to start engaging fertility experts to get pregnant. She wished the biological clock was a social construct and women could ignore it. However, nature is not very fair to women and the pressure to have children is more embedded in time than it is in societal and family pressure. Mayokun wants children and she is ready to have them now, not later, with the man she loves, even if it means losing herself for him in marriage.

She put together few items in a knapsack for a sleep over, pulled out a flowery chiffon strap top to match with pink chinos pants. A pair of loafers was appropriate for the evening. Kayode nags her to put in more efforts into looking sexy, but he never considered that you needed to have a car as a lady for you to comfortably dress skimpy in heels, otherwise, you risk being rounded by the police as a prostitute. Prostitutes are not respected. Mayokun stood in front of the mirror, manipulating hues and shades to make her make-up soft, yet alluring. She is a doctor, not a make up artist, but she is expected to not just be herself, but keep up with the trends to stay sexy for her man. Her style was true to her person – simple and conservative. Modest does not describe her right? Her true style was modest before the emergence of her new personality after her 27th birthday. Maybe she had the modest and the sexy Mayokun in her, awaiting the fullness of time to manifest. She popped her newly acquired pink satin lipstain on her lips and she thought it looked good with the nude eyeshadow.


Kayode James stepped out of the shower, smelling fresh like an orchard when the door bell rang. He had no expectations of a guest and wondered if it was a neighbour or the security guard, Moses. The door bell rang a second time and Kayode got the message that the intruder was not going anywhere till he attended to them. He moved to the living room with his face mask in his hand but was taken aback when he peeped through the security hole and saw Mayokun on the other side of the door. Kayode withdrew from the door in shock, trying to analyse what her intentions could be. He had not contacted her since the fiasco of the call room earlier in the day. Was she here to punch him in the face? Scream down his roof down? Bathe him with acid? The possibilities of her mission were limitless.

“Hey babe! What are you doing here so late?” Kayode feigned surprise and concern in a high-pitched voice as he opened the door.

“I just came to see you” Mayokun replied softly, melting away in his overpowering presence. She stood at the door, praying the floor opens up as she lost the struggle to keep the remaining shreds of her dignity and look strong. Staring at him with just a white towel wrapped around his loin with the freshness of heaven all over him, she could tell he just took a bath and his bare chest brought back memories of the call room. She gave in to her feelings and dissolved into tears.

“Oh babe! I’m so sorry” Kayode was truly embarrassed and sorry to see her in such pains. He was sorry in the morning, but it was in the heat of the moment, he did not know how to respond and had been overcome with guilt all day that he decided to give her some space to heal and be content with whatever her decision would be.

“Kayode you hurt… “ She tried to express her feelings and disappointment.

“Come here.” Kayode pulled her to himself and shut the door. He held her in an embrace and stroked her hair as she sobbed her heart out. He had not done right by this lady, but he was not ready to let her go either. There was something he liked about her. Her heart was in the right place. She is a committed lover and perhaps he was too assured of the loyalty of her heart, that he had not given much thoughts to his actions. She was stuck on him and loved it. With her, he could eat his cake and have it. She was a 1970 woman in a 2020 body – loyal to a fault. She will give him peace. Whatever he does, she will always forgive him and be by his side. Her heart is large. She will build a home dutifully and be a good mother. He felt the force of her sobs soften.

“I’m sorry babe.” He lifted her face to his and wiped her tears with his palms. “I’m so sorry I was a jerk” He planted a kiss on her forehead and their eyes locked for a moment, searching each other’s soul. In no time, both eyes rested on both lips and what started as a soft kiss became consumed with passion of increasing intensity.
Everything stopped at the moment. The world spun around them, just them. It was a match of energy, passion, and love when they made it to kayode’s bedroom. Neither had experienced this night before. Their muscles were communicating things their tongues could not utter but their minds understood. Deep called unto deep. The oath was unspoken, but the commitment was pledged.

“I love you, Dr. Mayokun Jones.”

Kayode knew he had to make her a decent woman and do the needful.

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  1. Prince says:

    Well, that’s another twist to the story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prince says:

    Except for the time concept, sometimes I am tempted to think that can’t women dare the biological clock than settled for crappy choices?
    This happens nearly all the time.


    1. Mo Fash says:

      Will Dr. Jones dare the biological clock or run along with time? Time will tell.

      Thank you for following the piece, Prince.


    2. Fasakin FOLASADE says:

      Yes time concept. This era, it’s no longer glamorous settling for crappy choices.


  3. Fasakin FOLASADE says:

    Well done. Your pen will not run dry

    Liked by 1 person

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