DR. MAYOKUN JONES: Approaching The Darkness (1).

“Patient is in good shape. Keep up with rehydration plan, we observe for one more night and she will be due for discharge tomorrow hopefully “. Dr. Jones discussed with the chief nursing officer on duty as she wrapped up her call. She enjoys taking calls in her specialty, unlike when she was on rotation. She may be looked upon as a workaholic, which is undeniable, but it was good for her to be on call. The arrangement in the department of medicine is such that her call ends by 8am, she joins her colleagues for a meeting which by 9am, clinic starts by 9am and she is not expected to join clinic till noon. The timing was such that her colleagues could not see her struggling to get a bike home and laughing at her. This is the untold reason she is the call-loving doctor of the department.

She straightened her ward coat after washing her hands, looked through her personal notes one more time to be sure she had not missed anything. She was allowed to be late to the departmental meeting as the doctor on call, but case reviews usually start by 8:30am and it is expected that 30mins was enough time for any doctor on call to observe basic grooming and be in attendance to present the patients they attended to. She puts in her best because her consultant believes the best of her, and this has attracted naked jealousy from her colleagues, especially the senior registrars. Why not? One of them used her influence to embark on maternity leave a week after resuming in the department. Mayokun did not think it was right and expressed her opinion while it was discussed in the call room. Unknown to her that it was a trap, the conversation was recorded and sent to the lady who now resents her.

Another one, Dr. Alao, a beauty queen doctor convinced everybody that she’s an old witch who snatched her boyfriend. Well, that was not the case. Her boyfriend was after her for 3months but Alao rebuffed him. The very first time Dr. Kayode James approached her, Mayokun said yes. Alao once walked in on them making love in the call room, and that was the beginning of her throwing fits, slandering her image, and telling everyone she is a boyfriend snatcher.

Dr. Mayokun Jones smiled as she remembered the inaugural passion she shared with Kayode that night. She does not mind a jealous Alao making a billboard of her as a witch and posting it at the hospital gate. She is 33years, she found love in a muscular… “Dear!” Mayokun moaned as she relieved the beauty that Kayode is. Intense, Tall, amazing dentition, handy man – of course! Surgeons are handy men, toned muscles – biceps and abs to die for, and the mastery of his weapon of massive destruction. Mayokun got wet from her imaginations. The time was 8:12am. Groomed and ready for the departmental meeting. However, she got herself turned on and decided to swing by surgery for a quickie before heading to medicine.

“Love you, Zeus”.

That was all she needed to send as a text whenever she wanted to get some. They have a code for everything. Zeus time was sex time. How she badly needed it for her morning glow! How else to glow before Alao if not to suffocate her with Kayode’s sexual fragrance? Mayokun exchanged pleasantries with the nurses in surgery as she made for the call room.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!! “

Her file dropped to the floor, she held the door for support and covered her mouth with her other hand to prevent her from raising an alarm. She had opened the door on Kayode ejaculating into his house officer.


“Oh my God! “ Hot tears streamed down her face as she watched them hurriedly try to grab their clothes strewn all over the room. She blinked again to be sure they were not stark naked. They were. She was not dreaming. The young doctor was not moving an inch. Mayokun was trembling that her presence neither commanded a sense of ownership nor made her tremble and try to scurry out of the room like side chics often do. The youngin confidently stood behind Kayode.

Nobody said a word. Nobody moved an inch.
Mayokun’s eyes scanned the room and rested on the clock.


She will not lose her man and lose her job. Not like losing her job was that easy, but having her consultant mad at her would give the jealous doctors enough material to gloat over her and she might as well lose her job before that happens. She picked up her file, dashed to the bathroom, ensured that she looked presentable and went ahead to deliver a remarkable presentation. Her consultant was pleased with her and remarked that the coming exams should be easy as she has proven herself repeatedly to be capable of manning the next phase without supervision. She scanned the room and saw the eyes cringing in jealousy. Not like she cared. The jealous gang are the faces of feminism in the Association of Resident Doctors, but that does not mean they have to be friends. Nobody asks men to be friends. Men kill one another, steal from one another, and fight one another, without the societal expectation to appear to be in love. Mayokun believes in equality of rights and dignity, but she does not think every woman must compulsorily go under the feminism umbrella. It felt like cultism to her if conformity was mandatory. There has never been a time feminism had a single code or ideology, she has not seen that change in the present as well. She just wants to be on her own and that is one of the reasons the feminists in her department despise her. She really has no problem with their enmity more than she would have had a problem with a group of men hating on her. She does not like them as well and wears her tiara as the patriarchy princess they fondly call her.

Medicine is quite reputable for drama because other departments like to tease them as a department of “women”. Well, medicine had pretty chics to be honest.

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  1. Fasakin FOLASADE says:

    Well done

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Toyin Olumide-Ojo says:

    Nice piece and well structured.
    Now i am eager to see the next episode!


    1. Mope Fasakin says:

      Loud bells herald thine welcome, Toyin! I’m glad you like the piece.


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