You can feel the day’s energy – it’s all mixed feelings, sometimes a cocktail of anger with a dash of mercy.
Is there peace without justice?
Why does oppression thrive?
Why is tolerance preached to the oppressed?
Why are oppressors beneficiaries of mercy and nothing is done to protect the oppressed from their claws of hate?
Is this not injustice?
I am a Christian, so we’re gonna do this the Christian way since people really want to talk about Christian forgiveness.
Do I believe in forgiveness? Yes.
Do I believe in mercy? Yes.
I am quite soft hearted and I have been shown mercy on countless occasions.
Do I believe in justice? A very loud Yes!

I really was conflicted and stayed off the discussions but I was increasingly irritated by the sheer number of white people shouting “grace!”. Really? America, really?
The same Bible you quote for mercy and grace, talked about justice.
Let’s backtrack on how we got mercy and grace – the full weight of justice was served on Jesus Christ. There wasn’t some automatic erasure of sin on a platter of gold, it was on a cross of blood. He paid the full price, and this was how we got peace with God.

From Nigeria to America, I see oppressors and hateful people, hateful religious people with the ridiculous audacity to preach peace and tolerance to the oppressed. How dare you! Did the Bible y’all swing about not talk about justice for the oppressed? How dare you people oppress people and shout grace in the Lord’s Name? That is callous.

I admire and respect what the younger Jean did, it is unpopular, it is brave, it is mercy, it is christianly, it is what Christ would have done. Oh! So divine! But does that justify America sentencing a murderer to 10years imprisonment and giving her a hug to warm her up in prison? Are laws not put in place for a reason? Or do we shed a few tears after murdering someone in cold blood and get some hug and leniency on the platter of a Bible afterwards? Can’t people repent in prison?
Let’s backtrack.

Amber Guyger is a white cop, a self-acclaimed racist who hated black people publicly. As a cop, I would assume she knew her neighbors. I mean, why would anyone be a cop if they were not interested in starting their duties from their block and neighborhood. Her story was flawed, a total lie. She must have known the guy, opened the door, saw that it was him, and shot him in the chest. It was premeditated. It was a cold-blooded and ruthless murder. How was she able to access his apartment? This is the hate of racism, and you don’t get to preach “grace!”to black people.
If her story had any substance to it, she would have called 911 or employed her life-saving skills to rescue him; but she did not shoot to save, she aimed to kill. If she had thought there was an intruder in “her” apartment, shooting to kill would still have been a crime. The “invader” did not pose a threat to you, there is no evidence that the “invader” was armed, your training equipped you with modus operandi in such situations. Let’s not even waste daylight analyzing what she could have done because she was the invader in his apartment.

The murder was upsetting, the outcome of the case was depressing. What is more disturbing? Her lawyers seek to appeal the judgement. She is such a darling, she does not deserve 10 years in jail for hating on a people and murdering one of them. She could have got up to 99years in prison, but she got blessed with the mercies of 10 years, and will be eligible for parole after 5years. Yet, the darling white princess needs an appeal. I mean, why should she sleep in jail over a “small matter”.

Hailings to the family of the slain who asked for her hand in friendship. I pray strength and succor to them. I am pretty sure they have been updated on the case around the murder of their son and brother. I hope the way Brandt Jean hugged the hateful murderer over the cold murder of Botham Jean, he is getting prepared to hug the murderer of Joshua Brown, the witness who testified in the murder trial that put Amber behind bars. Joshua Brown, according to his mother, was not a street child, a decent, young black man who earned a honest living. Suspicions are very high that his murder was closely related to his testimony. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/05/us/botham-jean-neighbor-killed/index.html

I hope there are enough hugs to go around so we can distribute mercy and forgiveness to people who hate you for just existing and fantasize about killing you. People whose contribution to the history of an entire race has been everything short of merciful and favorable. The year is 2019, decades after nations came together under the umbrella of the United Nations, there is still no unity of humanity – the basic decency and dignity of the human entity which ought to transcend race, ethnicity, religion, and gender.

I don’t know what Bible y’all read from as you distribute hugs in murder trials, but I heard y’all mention God a lot, I bet you revere Him. I will share a few verses from the 5th chapter of the book of Amos :
10th verse: “You people hate anyone who challenges injustice and speaks the whole truth in court”
15th verse: “Hate what is evil, love what is right, and see that justice prevails in the courts. Perhaps the Lord will be merciful to the people of this nation who are still left alive.”
23rd and 24th verse (pay close attention. God himself said this) : “Stop your noisy songs; I do not want to listen to your harps. Instead, let justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river that never goes dry.”

In the spirit of the hard-to-come-by act of forgiveness, love, and embrace by the Jean family, one would have expected America to react in a holy anger, and outlaw hate and racism to ensure that Botham Jean was its last victim. But, no, white America looked away, chanting grace into the ears of hurting people. So I did not spare the racist who took a shot at Israel Adesanya following his victory at the fight, I addressed him hard and square. I will dedicate my time and energy to addressing hate of any kind. We all need to take a stand against it. It is an unpopular stand, take it.
Misogynists do not want you to address misogyny, call it out.
Misandrists do not want to address misandry, address it.
Racists do not want to hear about racism, shout it out.
Religious bigots preach tolerance to the oppressed, speak up.
Ethnic jingoists believe in some warped supremacy, spare them not.

Make no provision for hate to fester within your vicinity. Let people know that you have zero tolerance for hate and prejudice. When Jesus said whoever hates another has committed the sin of murder, y’all can see that He wasn’t speaking in parables.

And if you’ve got hate in your heart, call the cops and turn yourself in before you assume someone is in your apartment and shoot them.

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