The Outrageous Audacity

The Outrageous Audacity!

My fangs are bare.

Ready to tear apart every appearance of demon-influenced wickedness and foolishness. This is a rant of no particular order.
Boy! Am I upset? Let’s start from the end.

No. Let’s get to the beginning.
News made rounds that the Nigerian police force in Abuja went about and arrested women in clubs and lounges, tagging them prostitutes. As usual, Nigerians began to react and respond to the flagrant abuse of human rights by men who are supposed to be law enforcement agents. I was pretty frustrated being a Nigerian, so I summoned courage to unlook the news. The agitations of the populace should attract the attention of Sega, a lawyer who has dedicated himself to rescuing people from the fangs of the blood thirsty Police force, and perhaps Amnesty International. I was tired. Extremely frustrated as a Nigerian.
It was barely a week ago that news filtered that a Nigerian lady was killed for smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia. She was jailed for a couple of months before the death sentence was effected. The news of her death got into the media at about the same time that news broke that a drug syndicate at Kano airport was planting drugs in the bags of innocent travellers, or tagging luggages containing hard drugs with the names of passengers with light luggages. It was heartbreaking. I was too paralyzed to process it. Emotions were heightened all over the media. In a swift response, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Diaspora exonerated herself from the mess and delivered the blame to the table of the Minister of foreign affairs. Camps loyal to the President applauded the death of the deceased and lambasted people attacking the irresponsibility of the SSA. The media rancor was heavy. Upset Nigerians dig up more facts and found out that Saudi Arabia contacted Nigeria on the matter and there was no response. The SSA on Diaspora spunned into some mental gymnastics, denied ever seeing such a letter as it would not have come directly to her office; then in a 360 degrees turn around, she affirmed that the killed Nigerian was guilty as charged.
I was livid. Of what use is your existence as a Nigerian? The society has for so long celebrated and worshipped immoral leaders, some young people now celebrate ill-gotten money and all forms of immorality, provided it fetched them some money and a wealthy reputation. There are way more good Nigerians than the bad ones, as there are more non-shooter white people than the terrorist white people that go about shooting people in public spaces, thus instilling a morbid fear of having a white person walk into a place into people. However, the reputation of the bad leadership and bad Nigerians has travelled beyond the ends of the earth, faster than the speed of light, such that when you even get to heaven, you might need your Nigerian thick skin because the angels are going to have a conference on your matter and perhaps keep you in some quarantine for Nigerians only before allowing you a temporary visa into heaven. It is tough and tedious to be a Nigerian. Of what use is patriotism and citizenship? Hold on! Let’s assume for a second that the innocent lady was guilty of crime, I thought the sovereignty of a nation would move in on Saudi Arabia, and probably negotiate a life sentence for the guilty instead of a death sentence. But no, a Nigeria that is long overdue for a second colonization did not only unlook, the leadership went straight to Saudi Arabia shortly after her execution for some economic summit.
I nearly chewed my intestines in anger!
Earlier this week, news broke that the Kano syndicate has been arrested. The SSA could not run words as she did, being obvious that the slain was innocent. Imagine the anger of Nigerians. The thought that an innocent citizen was in another land, in jail, on a death row, hoping that a country God sent her to would fight for her; I imagined her last thoughts as Saudi Arabia took her life. Then news broke again. Another innocent Nigerian was in jail in Saudi Arabia for the same crime she knew nothing about. Some demonic Nigerians are in a corner of the country, making money off the blood of their countrymen. Then it came to pass, that a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in an unguarded moment, tweeted that the National Assembly would move into action if the parents of the lady wrote the Assembly, explaining her innocence.
I could not tell if it was the letter of the parents or the anger of Nigerians that moved whoever needed to be kicked, news broke again that the lady was released today. She has been in jail since December,2018.
The day had no respite of deadlines with ups and downs, and just about when we thought we achieved anything as an angry population of Nigerians, tagged “sons of anger” by some uncouth politicians, news broke again! The women arrested by the police in Abuja for clubbing and enjoying the lounge were raped using pure water satchet by the Police.
I’ll explain.
For the benefit of non-Nigerian readers, in Nigeria, water is sold in bottles and satchets. Most satchets contain 500ml of water, while some factories package 600ml. Satchet water is more affordable than bottled water. Nigerians generally call satchet water “pure water”. Usually, after a drink, decent people trash the plastic in a dustbin, while indecent ones throw it around . Now, what men of the police force allegedly did was use the unhygienic satchets (basically plastic wrapper) as condoms to rape the women.

I boiled over!
Imagine going to the club with your girlfriends after work and getting arrested by the police. Imagine having a night out with your husband at the lounge and getting arrested. Imagine driving yourself down to enjoy a drink by yourself and getting arrested as a prostitute. Imagine getting raped. Imagine having a breastfeeding mother amongst them. Imagine getting raped with a plastic sheet. Imagine being on your period while all these happened. Now, imagine some men of religion and culture, hailing the actions of the police. Then, imagine the PRO of the police coming out to defend the police and further shame you. Imagine that Nigeria actually has no place for you as a girl. Now imagine that not one single man at the club was arrested and while people called out the stark misogyny and dehumanization, some men were busy calling the call a misandrist call. You really do not want to imagine how I rammed into him and dragged him by the beards into the Red Sea, hopefully he could drown his foolishness in a baptism and come out born again.
Boy! Imagine that your country people do not think that prostitutes are covered by the provisions of the fundamental human rights? Imagine that these holy men actually patronize prostitutes.
I am tired.
I have exhausted all energy and have none left to continue this rant. You can join the “sons of anger” in demandjustice.

Imagine the outrageous Audacity!

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  1. Janet Fasakin says:

    This is really disheartening 💔💔


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