How did we get here?

The day started tired and heavy, but I could trust a cup of coffee to supply the required alertness and energy for productivity. I made myself a cup of coffee and drove off to catch up with my first appointment. I love to tune in to the radio as I drive in the mornings and get information on the headlines and some political reviews. Sometimes, I do wonder if the political arguments mattered anything because I doubt the powers that be care to listen to the radio. However, it is an avenue for the people to feel a larger population or perhaps, someone in authority is listening to their rantings, so they phone in and rant anyway. It has not been a time to enjoy the morning breeze while driving; with recent daily  temperatures averaging 40 degrees centigrade at peak time, the morning breeze has become too warm for a drive. Everyone who can afford it, ensures the air conditioning systems of their cars are functional while they stay hydrated throughout the day.


I set up my iPad and joined a much anticipated Skype meeting. My expectations before the meeting rose to the heavens and were higher than the Tower of Babel. I was optimistic I would give myself some back slapping and high five at the end of the meeting. However, I was left looking for a parachute to safely land on the ground after my “Babelic” expectations were left unfulfilled. Hopes were further extended. The conclusion was neither here nor there, and I needed to wait for the next three weeks for more clarity and a promise of affirmation. The meeting left me feeling like “LOL!”.

Remembering the words of a friend that a bad day is sometimes a bad moment that you allowed to linger and negatively affect the day, I decided to shake it off but I did not know how to. I really did not have much friends in the city and the few I have were not available for a phone conversation or a meet up. So I took a walk. I walked past a power plant and stopped at a building which housed two shops. On the right was a provision shop, and on the left was a coffee shop. I figured coffee was always a friend in need and the ambience and aroma could offer some tranquility and a moment to catch up on some gossip online. I have never patronized the shop, but my excitement was typical for any coffee shop, because really, it’s a coffee shop guys! The least it could be is a coffee shop.

I stepped in and requested for the menu. You know! I was thinking a cappuccino or an espresso. There was no menu. 🌚 They had some pastries and a show glass of tea and coffee where a customer is required to make a choice. I cut straight to the chase and asked for Nescafé. No cream.

A tray appeared before me with a jug of hot water, a mug, a teaspoon, four cubes of sugar in a disposable cup, a satchet of coffee, a satchet of milk, and a pair of scissors! That’s right! A pair of scissors. I stared in disbelief but quickly gained composure so as not to upset the environment. Was the universe trolling me? Did I just hear another “LOL!”? I figured my pair of scissors was meant to cut the satchets and empty the content. I quickly prepared a painful mug of coffee, downed it , wore a cheerful smile and thanked them profusely for a good time. If you thought I told them how to serve coffee in a coffee shop, then you thought wrong! Who am I to interfere with the great hospitality that serves you your coffee to prepare by yourself with a pair of scissors? Neither am I interested in denying future customers the privilege of this pleasurable experience.

And this would be my first rant as my friend, Mariam, said to me : “You rant in an interesting way. It’s so funny. Why not put it on a blog and we’ll be happy to read?”. And so I summoned another friend Moro and told him I would like to start I narrated my gist and guess his response?

“This is a coffee shop? How much did you pay for the privilege of this atrocity?”


I suspect you have the same question. The answer lies in the coffee shop of year!

Go have yourself some coffee at your favorite coffee shop and share your experience.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Precious Jewel says:

    😂. I can’t wait to have more episodes.


    1. Mo Fash says:

      Thank you for reading, Precious Jewel.
      Stay tuned! 😂


  2. Coffee rant
    . 😂, really.. Cool


    1. Mo Fash says:

      Thank you!🥰
      I’m glad you love it.


  3. Janet Fasakin says:

    Interesting 😂


  4. jack says:

    what a rant. More rants please.


    1. Mo Fash says:

      More to come!


  5. Adepeju says:

    lmao @ universe trolling you. Nice job


  6. Oluwolefash says:

    Such beautiful thoughts! Wittingly expressed and now I get a lol moment😃


  7. Yemisi Olorundare says:

    Wat a rant…. Good job dear


  8. Ore Adeyemi says:

    Nice concept! Interesting one! More rants please😁


    1. Mo Fash says:

      More rants to come!
      Stay tuned.


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